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Brief History of Witchcraft Art in Ireland

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When most people think of Ireland, they think of the delicious Guinness craze that’s sweeping the nation, but did you know that there is another craze sweeping Ireland and that is the craze of Irish Witches and witch art. You might be asking yourself what an Irish witch is, well an Irish witch is an ancient female who was believed to have magical powers and was the only woman allowed into the leprechaun circle. This woman was also the only woman allowed to take the cakes made from the fruit of the three-legged tree. These cakes, known as “bannocks” or “bannocks berry” were said to have many healing powers and were looked upon as a sacred symbol of the Three Legged Tree. These shamans or witches were said to practice their skills in charms and conjuring.


Some early writings show that these early witch crafters were practicing their craft on Midsummer Eve. This would have been around the mid-12th century and is when we find the first written reference to a leprechaun in Ireland. These early charms were called Kegs (a kind of bread), Cakes (i.e. sweetbread), Pies (i.e. pies), Brooches (i.e.

Now some people might argue that these earlier versions of the Kegs were no longer edible and therefore were not considered sacred, however they were also considered as tools by which to perform divination and magical work. The shape of the Kegs was like a circle with four pointed ends; therefore it was said that they would act as a lens in which a person could see something about the past, present and future. In addition to being used as tools, they were also used as a way to tell fortunes, predict the future, cast spells, communicate with spirits and even bring about healing. In fact, charms and Kegs were so important to early Ireland that many of the early Irish laws stated that if someone would carry a Keg or a Pye (a type of stick) and use it for one or more specified purposes they would be granted divine favour. This meant that if you were very poor then you would be lucky to receive any food at all, but if you were rich and wealthy then you would be able to do whatever you wished.

Today, things have changed. Although it’s still possible to get spells and ask for divine favour through a witch, the spells are now usually carried out through spell shops. A witch shop is a modern day interpretation of the traditional Irish witchcraft. At these shops you can get the traditional handcrafted items, but you can also purchase professionally made products. These magical handmade products would be much more expensive, but they are also highly respected because the creators of these items would be able to swear to their craft and quality.

In an old time Ireland, a real witch or a witch practitioner would be the only way to obtain certain types of spells. There wouldn’t be a spell shop in every village. Therefore, the people who had knowledge of how to perform spells would tend to live in or near the villages that had such shops. If you wished to be a witch then you would need to be well versed in matters concerning the four elements – earth, fire, water and air. It was also important that you knew how to communicate with the dead.

Today, learning how to be a witch is not as hard as it once was. Modern witches use the internet to learn about the various spells that they can perform from the comfort of their own homes. Witchcraft is no longer seen as something dangerous. Anyone can become a witch if they really want to. It is all a matter of will power. You can get the skills you need to learn how to be a witch.

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